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there are numerous hypotheses in nowadays’s clinical community regarding what occurs in a mind laid low with schizophrenia, like the Membrane speculation.

“Nerves are largely composed of phospholipid membranes, and phospholipid metabolism is vital to ordinary brain feature. Neurotransmitter receptors, along with dopamine and NMDA receptors, function within the membranes of nerve cells–and so disturbances of the membrane shape ought to with ease affect how neurons transmit messages throughout nerve synapses. research have verified that a deficit in the degree of notably unsaturated fatty acids is related to schizophrenia, as is decreased interest of the enzyme phospholipase A2, which breaks down membrane phospholipids. these observations suggest that an impairment in the transmission of alerts throughout cellular membranes can be chargeable for schizophrenia.” **

however, the fact is that schizophrenia doesn’t start with the diverse neurobiological distortions found in the mind of a schizophrenic patient. All disturbances are originated with the aid of nerve fitness the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience that didn’t evolve like the human facet of our judgment of right and wrong whilst it manages to damage a portion of the man or woman’s moral sense thru absurdity.

We cannot see the content of the anti-moral sense’s thoughts; but it can see the content of our human sense of right and wrong and it interferes in our thoughts. It indicates various solutions to our problems. those solutions are absurd and will lead us to terror and melancholy. however, they are camouflaged in a logical way. We can’t distinguish their absurdity from the beginning.

The anti-moral sense misleads our human sense of right and wrong with its false common sense, handling to spoil our human conscience when we receive following its tips. when it destroys a big portion of our human conscience, it provokes various neurobiological disturbances to our human moral sense to be able to absolutely ruin it. this is why the mind of a schizophrenic is laid low with diverse chemical alterations.

A schizophrenic suffers from hallucinations, dizziness, blackout, disturbances in his/her audition and speech, and various insufferable emotions. which means that a schizophrenic can not however be imprisoned into the labyrinth of craziness. The anti-conscience doesn’t provide any danger of survival to the human judgment of right and wrong when it manages to partially smash the moral sense thru absurdity.

You need to save you schizophrenia before your anti-moral sense will become so effective. you will save you all mental ailments while you remove the anti-judgment of right and wrong by remodeling it into human content via dream therapy.

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